About Us

It is said that you will never work if you love what you do

Kupchin was hired to drive the tow truck that brought in wrecked vehicles in the Agency of Choice. He was the only driver for more than a year. Kupchin realized how much he enjoyed towing cars and decided to make his own future.

He the Agency of Choice in 1963. Jon was guided by the same principles as his parents when he started Tow Service. He worked hard, was knowledgeable, took care of customers, and cared about his employees.

Jon applied these principles and the business that began as a dream of a young man with just one truck and one driver has grown to be a success with more than eighty trucks and seventy-five employees. The headquarters building is 9000 square feet and is located in Lenexa (Kansas). There are four additional locations throughout the Midwest, in addition to the Lenexa headquarters.

Our company’s reputation has increased as we have grown. Numerous law enforcement agencies rely on our knowledge and skills. Agency of Choice is proud to provide service to the Kansas Highway Patrol and the Kansas Turnpike Authority, as well as the Missouri Highway Patrol and the Joplin Police Department, as well as all other local enforcement agencies in Johnson County, Kansas.