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Kupchin was hired to drive the tow truck that brought in wrecked vehicles in the Agency of Choice. He was the only driver for more than a year. Kupchin realized how much he enjoyed towing cars and decided to make his own future.

He the Agency of Choice in 1963. Jon was guided by the same principles as his parents when he started Tow Service. He worked hard, was knowledgeable, took care of customers, and cared about his employees. read more.

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  • How to Sell Your Commercial Truck in One Hour

    How to Sell Your Commercial Truck in One Hour

    Selling an old commercial vehicle can be a difficult task and cause many problems. Selling your vehicle to a truck buyer with a good reputation is a great way of getting rid of all the problems. An experienced commercial truck buyer will remove your vehicle without any hassle. They won’t make you spend a lot of money…

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  • Learn all about heavy-duty tow trucks

    Learn all about heavy-duty tow trucks

    Heavy tow trucks have a turbo-diesel motor and dual rear wheels. These features provide the truck with ample space and power to transport large boats, campers, or other heavy-duty equipment. Heavy duty tow trucks are the best for hauling heavy equipment and vehicles. Heavy Duty Tow Trucks Because they can tow larger vehicles, such as: Ambulances Fire…

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  • Are you stranded on a truck? We can help!

    Are you stranded on a truck? We can help!

    You know what it feels like to be stuck behind a truck that isn’t working. Don’t worry! Help is available! Are you stuck at Truck? We can help! We know how important it is to be able to get your truck running again as soon as possible. Drivers in need of roadside assistance are provided 24/7 by us, so you…

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